Supported Housing

Providing homes, support and a stable environment to help people with convictions to transform their lives.

Every year thousands of people with convictions find themselves homeless or living in environments that are unlikely to help them transform their lives and move away from crime. We offer a way to break this cycle of re-offending through our supported housing services – housing plus support is a transformational combination.

Our supported housing services are for adult men and women with convictions. We believe that with the right support everyone can achieve positive change and deserves the chance to try.

We are skilled in working with those deemed ‘hard to place’ and individuals with complex needs in addition to having a history of offending.

Our services are targeted and bespoke, providing secure and stable homes and support for clients on their journey to reintegrating into society and living fulfilling lives.

We have a track record of success in working with clients who have previously failed in other placements and our reconviction rate is under 3% whilst people are in our care.

Our Locations

Our supported housing is delivered in 6 dedicated services across England, as well as in 3 of our complex needs care services. Click the links to learn more.

Our complex needs care services with supported housing provision include Ashdene – Wakefield, Park View – Fleetwood & The Knole – Tewkesbury

Locations on the map are approximate.

Since I’ve come here I’ve progressed a lot. I’m doing things that I wouldn’t normally do – I’m going places and interacting with people.

Further Details

We provide supported housing services for adult men and women with convictions. This includes people who are subject to Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and those who pose a high risk of causing harm and a high risk of reoffending. Our services provide for adults with:

  • multiple and complex needs
  • mental illness and personality disorder diagnoses
  • learning disabilities
  • challenging behaviour
  • substance misuse
  • health and physical care needs, including limited mobility
  • individuals who are institutionalised
  • individuals coming from medium secure units
  • applicants under mental health sections (e.g. sections 41 or 117)


We deliver a person-centred, flexible service, to meet individual need, and house about 1000 people every year. We have a track record of success and our reconviction rate of under 3% whilst people are in our care is validated by the Ministry of Justice’s Data Lab measurement tool.

Our supported housing services are delivered in a range of different accommodation types including hostels and shared housing in the community. Some of our services are staffed 24/7 and have added building security depending on need.

Services include Intensive Housing Management, Supported Housing, and Extra Care, as well as move-on housing and floating support within community houses, hostels and accommodation suitable for clients with a disability or limited mobility.


For more details about these services please download our Supported Housing Brochure:

One of our supported housing clients sharing his story

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