Specialist Advice

Delivering behaviour change programmes and housing, debt and gambling advice in prison and in the community.

Programmes & Services

We offer a range of specialist services for men and women with convictions. These services include an HMPPS accredited attitude and behaviour change programme delivered in prison at HMP Lancaster Farms, as well as advice services covering topics such as:

  • Debt, money and budgeting
  • Accommodation
  • Access to services
  • Gambling support

Some of these services are delivered in partnership with, or on behalf of, other providers such as Serco.

Kainos Challenge to Change

An attitude and behaviour programme in prison to help change offending behaviours

Serco HMP Fosse Way

Advice services delivered in HMP Fosse Way prison alongside resettlement partners

A Fresh Start

For people leaving prison after long sentences the world can be a very different place. It is often disorientating and simple things like accessing local services and securing accommodation can be very difficult.


These services are provided in a variety of locations including within our own complex care and supported housing services.

Some of these services are limited to specific prisons as shown on the map.

Locations on the map are approximate.

Since being here I see things in a different way. Kainos isn’t a man-maker but it’s a course that makes you become a better man than what you were before.
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Further Details

As an experienced provider of services for people with convictions and often lengthy histories of offending, we know that change takes time and it rarely affects just one area of an individual’s life. Support and advice services are often needed just as much as a safe place to live to help people to transform their lives.

Since 2013 we have delivered a range of additional advice services and programmes to address these needs.

Some of these services are offered in prison, and some are delivered in the community for people with convictions.

Where we can partner with other providers or deliver work on their behalf, we do so.

However the service is delivered, we seek to enable our clients to make progress and to build confidence to live differently and leave offending behind.