We believe everyone deserves another chance. Nobody is beyond help and with the right support, anyone can change.

This is what shapes the work we do. If you have a heart for helping people to make meaningful changes in their lives then take a look at the varied opportunities we offer.

Why Langley?

Whatever your skills, background or experience – whether you like to work in an office or at a service in a client-facing role – we have an opportunity to suit you. Last year our 350+ staff, volunteers and chaplains worked with more than 2,000 people seeking to help them transform their lives.

We are passionate about what we do and we get to see the impact on our clients daily. The results of our work and the way we deliver our vision together contributed strongly to our Investors in People Gold accreditation, which we are proud to have held for 9 consecutive years.

Culture & Values

We have 5 core values that shape our work. These are: 1. Christ-like, 2. Responsible, 3. Genuine, 4. Respectful & 5. Visionary. Learn more on our About Us page.

Langley offers hope and a safe place to thrive, amongst people who believe that broken lives can be transformed.

We are committed to a core set of values which underpin the way we work with our clients and each other.

We aspire to be Christ-like regardless of our faith perspective, and always behave in ways that are respectful, genuine, responsible, and visionary.

We see the potential in our clients and don’t define them by their past. We champion opportunities for all to flourish, knowing that our work makes a real difference.

Work With Us

Have you got the dedication, commitment and passion to work with people to see lives transformed? We have a huge range of opportunities across England.

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Our People & Benefits

We are proud of our work and take it seriously. However, we also believe in enjoying life together. We may be dispersed across the country but connect through a vibrant Langley community, both nationally and within local teams where you will find all that you need to help you to feel at home.

Rewarding our staff is not just about base pay and saying ‘thank you’ through our recognition schemes. We know that everyone is different and we have a large range of benefits to suit you, whatever your stage of life.

Learn more about our people and benefits

Recruitment Process

We have designed our process to make it as easy as possible for you to apply. We want you to have a positive candidate experience whilst ensuring we follow important safer recruitment steps.

Get In Touch

Our team is always available to answer any questions you have along the way. If you would like to get in touch directly please call us on 024 7658 7378 or email us at

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We know diversity fosters creativity and innovation. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, to being fair and inclusive, and to being a place where we all belong. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, whatever your characteristic. As a Disability Confident accredited employer just let us know if you need any support – including if you are neurodivergent. We will make any reasonable adjustments needed to help you succeed in your application.

There is no place for racism or any other form of discrimination within the Trust. It is not just illegal but goes against all that we stand for, as outlined in our values.

How to Apply

Visit our Careers Board where you will find all of our current vacancies. Click Apply Now on the desired role to go to our simple application form. If you have not applied with us before you will need to first click Sign Up in order to create an account. This just requires a name, email address and password, it’s as quick as that. Once you’ve completed the application form, please don’t forget to upload your CV and cover letter where requested. Press submit and that’s it – it’s over to us for now.


We will aim to screen your application within 2 working days. If you aren’t successful, you will be informed via email. If you are shortlisted, look out for contact from us through the contact information you provided on your application form. The recruiting manager may decide to give you a call and talk through the role so we can both decide if it’s worth progressing to the interview stage.


Some of our roles require one interview, some require more, one of which will always be done face-to-face. We will let you know when you are shortlisted.

All our roles require a numeracy and literacy test just to ensure that you have the necessary numeracy and literacy skills for the role. This is usually done at the same time as the interview, or shortly after. All you need for this will be explained when you are invited to the interview.

Please bring to your interview the necessary documents needed to evidence your right to work in the United Kingdom. You can check this here. If you are not successful after interviewing this time, the recruiting manager will contact you to provide you with feedback, aimed to help you on your career journey. If you are successful, we will let you know as soon as possible. This will be followed by a written offer.


We will be as delighted as you to see you get this far! Our HR team will work closely with you over the next few weeks to get you started in your new role with Langley. This will require a DBS check, as outlined in the job description. The HR team or the recruiting manager will guide you through this process.

We ask that you provide us with the information needed as quickly as possible so that we can streamline your onboarding process. It usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks from the offer to being onboarded. Your contract of employment will be issued at the end of the onboarding process.

Staff Testimonies

I love working for Langley because regardless of our different roles within the organisation, we are all unified by one overarching aim – to extend love, hope and support to some of the most marginalised people in our society. Every client or potential client is utterly unique – which means every day is different and there is no space for complacency.


Being a support worker taught me a multitude of valuable skills that I still use every day within my current role in prison. These include learning about the criminal justice system, working directly with individuals who come from varying backgrounds with complex forensic and mental health histories, and learning how to effectively support men with their journey back into the community.


I was relatively new to management when I joined Langley, and I can proudly say, I have been able to develop personally and professionally in my time here. I wanted to work for an organisation with a good sense of mission, values and direction and Langley ticks those three boxes for me. The charitable and caring ethos of the Trust is clear to see and that speaks to what I also hold dearly.


I am incredibly proud of working for Langley, I am proud of the vision, our values, the work we do and above all, my wonderful team and colleagues across the various services I support. Langley have not only put faith in me but also in my development by providing study sponsorship for a qualification I require in order to progress.


As a support worker, I have been able to make a real difference for many clients’ lives and can see the contributions I make paying off daily.


At Langley, the wellbeing of staff is considered as important as the work we do. Because of that, I have found that this is a fulfilling place to work, where my efforts are genuinely noticed and valued. I have been given many opportunities to choose a personal development path which will benefit me as well as the organisation as a whole.