Structure Updates – from 1st April

Published 30th March 2023

We have some exciting structure updates to share with you, which take effect from 1st April 2023.

From this date, Langley is delighted to welcome Kainos colleagues as part of Langley House Trust. The Kainos Challenge to Change programme will continue to be delivered in prison, with Kainos a fully integrated part of Langley services rather than a separate charity under the Langley Group.

As pleased as we are to have our Kainos colleagues fully immersed in Langley, we are sorry to say goodbye to Clean Sheet at the same time. Sam Graham has been part of Langley for 11 years now and she and her team will be sorely missed. Sam has successfully led Clean Sheet as their Chief Operating Officer since 2019 when they came into the Langley Group; Sam will continue in this role, but Clean Sheet will operate as an independent charity and formally leave the Langley Group from 1st April. The capacity to attract grant funding as a charity independent of a bigger Group is enhanced by this move and Clean Sheet will benefit from this decision.

We wish Sam and her team every success as they continue to inspire their members to find employment, and employers to step out and support those with convictions to find work.

These changes mean that the Langley Group will now become Langley House Trust as a single entity once more, rather than an umbrella organisation for other charities to align with.

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