A Light In Their Darkness

Christmas Appeal 2023

Published 8th November 2023

Our clients have faced unprecedented financial pressures prompted by the cost-of-living crisis and most seriously, as the colder months loom large once again, massive energy costs.

Watch Simon Herbert, our Director of Finance & Business Services, introduce our Christmas Appeal – A Light In Their Darkness – raising funds to help our clients pay their utility bills through the winter months, to keep warm and to keep the lights on.

Be a light in their darkness this Christmas

Partner with us for this year’s Christmas Appeal and help our clients to keep warm and to keep the lights on through the winter months.

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So what have we done so far?

Simon personally wrote to each of ‘the big 6’ energy suppliers and appealed for support – we are a charity with finite resources, supporting vulnerable individuals of limited means. Not one of them responded positively. Our trustees agreed to commit £150,000 of general funds to provide a buffer for each client struggling to meet their energy costs, but this isn’t a sustainable approach, not least because we already have a deficit this year.

We are a creative, determined bunch here at Langley and decided that in our 65th year we would embark on some serious fundraising ourselves! With another of our directors, Simon hopped on his bike and rode 65km to raise awareness and attract sponsorship. Another director undertook a 65 mile walk in stages between our services; another team member raised £1700 single-handedly through a triathlon, and others have completed sponsored activities as well.

We would love this to be a happy ending to a battle fought hard and won, but the truth is, we aren’t there yet.

Our work holds so much value.

Take a look at this note from a client:

He knows he is in a safe place, amongst people who can help him to establish a better quality of life than he has known before. We don’t want to see his efforts dashed by the stress of trying to manage exorbitant energy bills.

The energy cap is being reduced, so you may wonder why we are still so concerned? From October it will be reduced slightly but here are some alarming stats from the Office of National Statistics, which keep this in perspective. The consumer price index for all domestic fuels for January to March 2023 compared with the same period in 2022 increased by 77% (in real terms, accounting for inflation). Domestic electricity prices increased by 57% and domestic gas prices increased by 116% over the same period.

Even with an easing on the price cap from October 2023, the costs for the next period create a disproportionate demand for those who are dependent on housing benefits and have limited means, as our clients do.

Having to choose whether you can afford heating or to have a light on is enough to make anyone wonder if prison life wouldn’t be easier than ‘the real world’.

Some of us, like Simon, are celebrating Christmas as a time when Jesus came as the Son of God, to bring hope into our world, to be a light in our darkness. Others who do not share the same faith will still know that helping Langley clients to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities is a cause worth supporting. Every penny we receive will go directly to this appeal and will make a real difference to the lives of many already wondering how they will afford another winter.

Our plea is simple

Will you join with us and be a light in their darkness this Christmas time?

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