Phil's Story

Phil used to shut himself away when he first came to Park View, nervous and lacking in confidence.

He shared that initially he “just wanted security, just to be safe and warm”. But over time he has been able to come downstairs for longer periods of time and join in.

Phil discovered a talent for painting when the Deputy Manager suggested he try to paint from a photograph and he is now keen to get back into music, resuming drumming. Phil is discovering who he is through his creative hobbies and for so many clients across Langley we see this to be true. He has more confidence and feels able to also help others.

Note: Names and faces have been changed

Across our services we go to great lengths to treat our clients with respect, to show them that we appreciate them as uniquely individual, with their own preferences, choices and ways of expressing themselves.

Encouraging creativity and enabling opportunities for our clients to paint and draw, write poetry, decorate their rooms, get involved with gardening, cooking, crafts and music all contribute to a rich expression and understanding of who they are, and what they are capable of.

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