Jake's Story

Life was “rubbish, bad” before Jake came to Langley.

Jake had grown up without a family but 14 months ago he discovered he had “come into a home… it’s like a little family here”. Explaining what he valued most, Jake said “I like to be honest, I like the truth… tell me how it is”.

As he established relationships with his key worker and a night support worker he describes as brilliant, Jake found that he was given space to talk: time to share who he is and to do so honestly, without filters, knowing that the staff who work with him are committed to getting to know him well, understanding him and the struggles he faces. Jake is confident that as he shares honestly, the staff can help him in ways that count. His faith as a Muslim has helped him find stability, and he has also enjoyed Christian worship songs whilst at Longcroft, finding them joyful and calming when he is agitated.

Whilst each day continues to be a battlefield in Jake’s mind as he grapples with suicidal thoughts, honesty is a powerful weapon and does bring him peace. There is solace and safety in being known.

Note: Names and/or faces have been changed

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