Box Tree Cottage Launches as Approved Premises

Published 11th July 2022

At Langley Trust we are passionate about developing and delivering services that make a real positive difference to the lives of offenders.

The launch of our new Approved Premises (AP) in Bradford is yet another example of this. Speaking about the opening of Box Tree Cottage AP, Tracy Wild, our CEO, said this:

“I am excited about the new Approved Premises in Bradford, it is a much-needed service in this locality.

Box Tree Cottage will work closely with local services and agencies to provide joined up and coordinated support to prison leavers as they reintegrate into society. The support that we will provide will be vital in reducing reoffending and will have lasting and meaningful impact not only on these offenders but on their families and the communities to which they will return.

I’m proud of all the hard work that has gone into the launch of Box Tree Cottage as an AP. I look forward to seeing the difference this will make in the lives of many people who will benefit from the life-changing services such as those delivered by Box Tree Cottage.”

Located in Bradford, Box Tree Cottage is a 17-bed property that will provide temporary yet stable support and accommodation for prison leavers on their release. These men, who will be rigorously supervised by the Probation Service, will receive specialist oversight and support to address their specific needs, find work and ultimately a permanent home in the community. Having a safe place to live is vital for prison leavers to reduce reoffending and effectively reintegrate into the community.

We are excited about the opportunity this new service gives us to have a significant and positive impact on the lives of these men and beyond.

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