Kainos Challenge To Change

HMP Lancaster Farms

Kainos Challenge to Change is an attitude and behaviour programme delivered in prison, with proven results in positively changing prisoners’ offending behaviours. It has been accredited by HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), and provides the prisoners with a bespoke course that helps them to address their offending behaviour and look towards a more positive and pro-social future.

The programme is unique compared to other programmes, as its benefits come from participants living in community and providing support to one another as they experience the process of change together. The programme is intense as it runs for 6-months at a time, requiring commitment from the men, but it also provides them with a realistic amount of time and support from the facilitators to work through the changes they want to see in their lives.

The programme combines cognitive behaviour therapy with community living skills and helps men to:

  • Challenge and change their own value system
  • Test theory in practice within the boundaries of community rules and sanctions
  • Develop positive, whole-life change and encourage honest and respectful peer interaction

Kainos Challenge to Change Programme currently runs in HMP Lancaster Farms in the North of England.

Join The Programme

If prisoners want to join the programme, they can use a self-referral form within the prison and facilitators will assess their eligibility. Their prison probation worker can also refer them for a suitability assessment.